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6/23/08 HD: My husband & I went to Yaquina Bay Friday evening (6/20/08). We were seated in the garden room with one other table. Our waitress must have been working lots of tables that couldn't see that evening, as she was not very attentive to anything. I had to ask for more water....twice. Mid meal my husband asked for a second beer. At the end of the meal, he still did not have it; she came over and apologized and said she would go get it (even though it is obvious that we are done eating; my purse is out, my wallet is out, I'm waiting for the check). We told her not to bother, we are ready to go. I ordered a crab melt. I have NEVER had a crab melt like that; it said cheddar cheese melted on top. The menu didn't say a word about cheese sauce. It came covered in a velveeta like cheese substance that was rubbery and lousy. The crab came out of a can. My husband had a captain's plate, for the price, he was disappointed. I won't be eating there again.

2/2/2008 SJ: Visited Yaquina Bay for dinner on 2/2/08 with my wife and daughter. Remember the 80's, mauve on everything, bentwood chairs, indoor awnings? It's a flashback! Contrary to the name of the place, think family restaurant. You'll be closer. While there are certainly some seafood features to be had, it's really a pretty typical American middle of the road menu. I had the House Special Sauté', featuring fish, prawns, crab, and scallops. It was ... okay. It comes in one of those oblong casserole dishes on a plate next to some zucchini, green beans, and onion. There was, to be fair, a reasonable amount of seafood on the plate. But on the whole, it was fairly unremarkable. It all tasted kind of the same, the way it tends to in a cioppino or other type of seafood stew. But it was decent tasting. The salad was what I describe as "salad bar" style - a little of everything in the garden (and some from the canned food aisle). My wife had the teriyaki sampler, which was a skewer each of shrimp, chicken, and beef. It looked a little over-sauced to me, but she said it was good. Her rice came in one of those little round bowls like you see in diners and buffets. Service was slow. Our table was near the entrance and close enough to the bar that we were able to appreciate the associated cigarette fumes throughout the meal. But I'm picky and it wasn't all that bad overall. I won't be hurrying back, but on the whole I could still give it at least one star so - suggested +.

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