Wilhelms Spirits and Eatery Albany User Reviews

5/6/10 BJ: My husband and I recently had the opportunity to check out a place we have wanted to try for awhile, Willhelm's. We were hesitant at first because it looked so busy (and it was Cinco de Mayo)but the parking lot can be misleading as to how many people are inside. We grabbed a seat and asked a regular what we should order. He said the Club sandwich is his favorite thing. We ordered that and the steak bites appetizer. The sandwich arrived and was HUGE and very good. The steak bites were spicy and tasty. It came with bread to dip in the sauce, which we did. The food was fresh, prices were very reasonable, service (bartender and waitstaff) was friendly and the place was clean. I love the no smoking law because that was one of the reasons we had not eaten there before. We will definitely be back. Bar food done right.

And: I have been going to Wilhelms and it is great!! The food is very good and great portions. Decent pricing and super service!! I don't enjoy the smoking but it seems well ventilated and I don't go out smelling like an ash tray. Try it, I think you will be pleased.

9/16/07 LM: I've only been there for dinner. As long as the people aren't smoking it's decent. Typical pub food, huge plates of crinkle fries. Drinks weren't bad. Prices were reasonable.

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