Szabo's Steakhouse User Reviews


10/7/08: We decided to give Szabo's a second try. It happened that we stopped in on the 16oz steak special night, so it was fairly busy. We were greeted immediately when we walked in by the owner, and were seated. After then, the waitress tended to ingore us...however, she did get drinks in our hands quickly. Since I am very wary of 16oz steaks for $10, I almost didn't get the special. It was not as bad as you would expect. They had all the annoying TVs tuned to something different. What gave me a chuckle is that one was turned to an infomercial. Come on, if you have to show that, just turn it off! And, it's awful loud in there, with "stone" floors, and no acoustic dampening materials in the ceiling. So, another agreed ho-hum rating.

9/8/08 KJ: We ate at Szabo's tonight. The food was ok. Like above, the unwatched TVs were quite annoying. Please turn them off when no one is watching, and we might be back. Not really recommended.

8/21/08 MM: Loafer's Deli: So sad, this was my favorite sandwich shop in Albany. We went there for lunch today. The new owners decided to keep the deli but they aren't making their own bread. So basically you pay the same amount for a much smaller sandwich on regular store bought bread...I could do that at home. I won't be going back. At the very least with the smaller sandwiches they should be including some chips or pretzels on the side or lowering the price.

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