Riverview Mongolian Grill User Reviews

7/13/08 GJ: Not recommended! I have NEVER been as disappointed as I was here. The price of the meal was a SHOCK! I was expecting what I pay in Portland and Gresham at the Mongolian Grills, and the cost was 40% higher than what I pay there. Not clean. I had to ask twice for the table to be wiped down. Food under the serving area, and spills along the dishes. I had to ask for rice, never was given the crepes. I was given water, but never tea. I had gone to celebrate an occasion and was ready to spend money, but I didn't even leave a tip, since I had almost no service. And the waitress only had one other table besides mine. I will not be giving ANY recommendations to any friends, and will not ever go back.

6/27/08 JT: We aren't from Albany, but stopped in at the Riverview Mongollian Grill and I was surprised at the total of my bill for my 3 kids and I. I asked the waitress about the cost of each meal because I hadn't see any prices posted and she said the menus were on the table. Except when she looked to her right, only one table of the four had a menu. I told her she should tell people how much the meals are and the additional costs to go back and she said they had been there 10 years and can't tell everyone. No apologies, nothing. It wasn't so much about the money, but the service that was upsetting.

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