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1/10/09 SJ: The wife and I are increasingly on our own for dinner, as our teen aged daughter's social calendar begins to fill. I have a craving for fish and chips, so we take the site's advice and head to Riley's. I had the fish, my wife had a burger, both with fries and a salad. As noted by previous reviewers, a good value for the money. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the fish. Definitely not the best in town. The accompaniments were good, but even two pints of Drop Top couldn't disguise the chewy, stringy texture all around the edge of each piece of fish. In fact, in retrospect, I can't think of any way this could have even been fish under that tartar sauce, I think perhaps I was served the chicken fingers by mistake. The burgers are decent, although I think the beef is probably previously frozen, again judging by the texture. I learned the Mrs. hadn't ever played pool before, and that was fun. I'll be back sometime to sample the barbeque choices, but not for the fish. For now, suggested+.

Update (Spring 08): Riley's has a DJ (and other events) Wed. through Sat. nights. It has turned into somewhat of a meat market. As of Feb. 08, Riley's has revamped their menu. It features several BBQ/smoked options. The pulled pork sandwhich is wonderful. If it didn't smell like smoke from outside the front door (littered with cigarette butts) and the lottery area, Riley's would be perfect.

"Riley's has the best fries anywhere! Service is friendly, and the price is right. This is our default dinner out when we don't want to spend a lot of money."

We enjoy gong to Riley's with our family. There is an arcade room and an upstairs under 21 pool area. The food is good (not great) and the service is fairly good. The last time we wished our waitress would stop by more often, but overall the service has been consistent for us there. We go more for the atmosphere than the food.

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