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And: "Our 13-year-old daughter's favorite for ten years. It used to be kind of a dive, but Ruby has fixed it up. Also, the pizza sauce used to be close to inedible - way too salty and extremely heavy on the oregano. But the recipe has changed along with the restaurant décor: formerly sports-themed, now Italian bistro. I haven't tried their 'taste of Italy' entrées, but they look good, too. They still have 'family' (kids, mostly) karaoke on Saturday evenings, so bring your earplugs unless you like that sort of thing. All in all, though, they're back on my list. Recommended." ++

And: This restaurant has made many improvements over the years, so I suggest if you haven't gone there in awhile, give it another try. The atmosphere is a mixture of Italian decor with a family friendly playroom. Thursday and Saturday nights can get loud with family karaoke, but if you have a child or teen who likes to perform, it can be a lot of fun. The menu has a huge selection, not just pizza. I like their salads and Italian dishes. Friday nights are "Taste of Italy" nights and the finest Italian foods are served. Each night has a different menu, so it is fun to try different things. I want to stress that the Taste of Italy nights are very upscale and classy. A bonus, you can get a catered Coldstone ice cream cake from Ruby if you have a birthday or special celebration planned there.

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