Hasty Freez Albany User Reviews


2/12/10 HO: The best thing to do when going to Hasty Freeze is call ahead. When we decide we need a Hasty Freeze fix, we just call in the order. I have the number in my phone, so even when we are pulling in off the freeway I call and the order is ready when I get there.

LD 1/9/10: Hey what about our local Hasty Freeze downtown? They have ice cream that rival anything that Baskin-Robbins can produce, and the burgers are to die for. Try the Tim burger or the King with fries and you won't be too upset waiting in line for 15 minutes. With a very courteous staff and a very small locale they make food you can't get for the great quality in town. I would compare the burgers to the Calapooia Brewing Co. and although smaller, they taste great!!! I don't usually comment on sites but I think Hasty Freeze deserves at least a B+ for their food only lacking an A with the wait they have to get your food. You might be reviewing only sit down restaurants but this one should be at least noted compared to the national chains we have in town. Thanks for your time!!

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