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2/18/10 JC: As a former employee of Rick Campbell- I have nothing but good things to say. The food is purchased whole, hand chopped, sliced and shredded in the morning and served fresh that afternoon and evening. Food safety is a high priority for everyone who works here. The food is simple, fresh and delicious. This is a cozy place has a large following of regular customers. (People who live at the coast come here!!) Support this great local business.

FE 1/8/10: I've been to this restaurant several times. The last time I was there, we were seated in the back near the aquarium because we had trouble fitting into one of their other booths. There was a horrible odor! At first I thought it was a smell coming from the bathrooms, like a toilet cake smell. But later I went in the bathroom and that was not it. Anyway, the smell was so bad we had to relocate to the counter. It was nauseating. The food was pretty decent. We both ordered a bowl of chowder and split an order of fries. The fries were hand-cut and very fresh, right out of the fryer. Very good. The chowder was tasty as well. But due to the smell, I will never return. No one wants to eat in a place that smells bad.

[Ed note: The below review comes from a river guide from Mill City. The owner of The Depot is also a river guide.] 10/16/09 SB: Last Wednesday afternoon, I had dinner at the Depot before a meeting, and thoroughly enjoyed the upscale fish and chips dinner. Actually, I had a deluxe combination seafood dinner with scallops, deep fried fish, shrimp, and a shrimp salad served with excellent French fries. The place is a little hard to find, but it is certainly worth the effort. It is obvious that the owner really cares about attention to details, and the café uses the best products available. The place is small, but the high quality deserves our support in terms of repeat business. People who enjoy good food will be appreciative of the menu items here. The proprietor has an extensive history with sport fishing and river running, so discussions of recreational events are as much appreciated as the good food.

5/30/09 The owner replies: I am the owner of the depot restaurant and have been for over 22 years. I have 17 employees right now ranging anywhere from just hired to several that have been there over 10 years and a couple over 20 years. Why are we still in business? Because we simply use the best quality products we can buy which sometimes means paying more for them. We have ALWAYS scored high on health inspections and just because it is an old building, yes, sometimes you have ants, who doesn't when food is involved. We continually receive comments from people all over the world that the fish and chips and clam chowder are the best they have had! I strive for perfection from all my employees and they treat me like I am one of them, which I am. You will see me there washing dishes, wiping tables, cleaning toilets, taking out the trash, whatever needs to be done. What I don't appreciate is some 6 month employee(there must be a reason they were only there 6 months) saying untruths and trying to bring me down because they are disgruntled. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere unique and quaint and I am very proud to have my name on it. Show your face and call me direct. You are not a food critic, you are just trying to slander someone elses success. Rick Campbell

5/23/09 [Ed note: for obvious reasons, initials deleted]: Speaking as a former employee of the Depot, I quickly learned the workings of the restaurant. If you want cleanliness, this is not the place to eat. Within the six months I worked at the restaurant we had numerous ant problems that the owner never bothered to solve. Food is overly greasy and not quality product by any means. If you had the opportunity to step into the walk in freezer you would have been greeted with moldy shelves and rotting food. The cleanest the restaurant would get was when the owner anticipated an inspection. Its a wonder I didn't get sick from working there. I still shudder at the thought of the slugs that got in one of the nights. There are much better locations to eat in Albany.

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