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3/1/09 DJ: Ate at Cascade Grill on 3-1-09. Service was good. Food was mediocre and overpriced. Will I go back? Probably not, I certainly won't make a special trip. There are so many other better places to have a much better meal at a much more economical price. The bread was good though, but not good enough to outweigh the overpriced mediocrity of it all. There was a group of five of us and we all agreed that we would give it a grade of "C".

1/17/09 SK: My 16 year old daughter and I ate at the Cascade Grill on 12/23/08. We went with high hopes as we had been awaiting the opening for months. When we arrived (6:30 p.m.) the dining room was less than half full, with many open tables. We asked for a booth so we could spread out after a long day of shopping. The hostess said "fine" although from the tone I could tell it was not fine. Our waitress was fairly prompt in arriving at our table, we did not order drinks, just water. She did come to take our order fairly quickly, which we took as a good sign. My daughter ordered fish and chips, with a salad, I ordered the small sirloin steak medium well, with a side order of grilled shrimp, a baked potato and a salad. Salads arrived promptly, however, my daughter received what I am guessing was the bottom of the crouton barrel, so many crumbs, she found most of it inedible. We received some cold bread, which looked like the wheat bread the COSTCO bakery sells. Our meal arrived at the appropriate time, delivered by another server. My steak was closer to rare or medium rare, all I know is it was luke warm and bloody, my daughter's fish was watery (how that is when the fish is deep fried I'll never know). I ate the shrimp, potato and vegetable, my daughter pulled the breading from her fish and ate the meat. No one ever checked back on us until we were done. We had been out of water, since before our meal was served, although we had requested it both with the presentation of our salads and with the meal. When the server showed back up, 25 minutes after the meal was served (I timed it) we were pretty much done, very disappointed and ready to go. She appologized for the steak, offered to have it cooked more and boxed up for me. At this point we were done with our meal, it was too late for the steak so I gave her my card and asked her to bring the check. When it arrived nothing had been taken off, I would have at least thought they might have only charged for a shrimp dinner. When I mentioned it, she appeared flustered, repeated the offer of a box. I asked about a manager, however she did not seem to think one was there. I paid the $35 bill, and left. I probably should have gone back and talked with the manager when they re-opened after Christmas, but got busy and never followed through. What I can say is I will never eat there again and have told anyone who asks about my experience. All in all we were extremely disappointed.

1/4/2009 F&S: My wife and I stopped for a late Sunday lunch at Cascade Grill. We had watched through its construction and wanted to see what it offered. The parking lot was busy and many tables inside were filled. The greeter took our name and invited us to sit and wait for a table. We were told it should be a short wait. It was a fairly short wait of about five minutes, but we were confused when we were seated because there were four empty booths around us, cleaned and set for guests. They had been that way since we arrived. So we commented to one another wondering why we weren't immediately seated. The decor was pleasant but it was somewhat cold inside. Later my wife went to the restroom and she said it was quite cold. She asked about it and was told that there was some problem and the heat was going to the kitchen. It's a new building so maybe that will be worked out, but it was odd. The menu was extensive with many chicken, pasta, fish and beef dishes. Prices seemed reasonable. There was a lunch insert and the lunch prices were about $3 less than what appeared to be the same dinner item, but it wasn't clear if there was a difference between the portions. Neither was it clear when the lunch menu ended. I should remark that we find their website humorous since it says, "We are known for our mouth-watering steaks." They had only been open a week, but confidently make that claim. In fact they aren't really known yet for anything and really need to prove themselves before making that kind of claim. But we recognize that it's all about marketing. My wife ordered a chicken breast with madeira sauce with green beans and had several side dish choices and selected the french fries and a green salad. I ordered an orange ginger chicken breast with green beans and selected the garlic mashed potatoes and a cup of potato and primerib soup. In awhile the server brought an ample basket of warm herb bread with butter and the salad and soup. The bread was quite good. The green salad appeared fresh as the different greens and vegetables were separated in the bowl and it didn't appear to come from a bag. My soup was good and hot and probably homemade as there was a small chunk of gristle with the bits of prime beef. About 15 minutes passed and the server returned to say, "I know you overheard me talking to the next table and heard that there are no more mashed potatoes." Well, I hadn't heard and didn't know. I was offered a substitute and I chose the rice pilaf. Either the garlic mashed potatoes are a popular item or they weren't adequately prepared to serve them. But, I expect some of those kinds of problems in a newly opened establishment. Our entrees then arrived almost immediately. My wife thought the chicken madeira was too strong with madeira and I tasted it and had to agree. It was somewhat overpowering. Her french fries were crunchy, hot and good. My chicken was satisfactory, but nothing to write home about. The orange ginger sauce was also a little too strong in taste. Both chicken breasts were not overcooked which is a common problem. They were though a little on the thin side and I expected them to be more plump. I questioned their freshness. The rice pilaf was clearly much too spiced. The pepper was overpowering. I ate it, but it isn't something that I would ever order again. Our green beans weren't overcooked as they so often are and the bits of real bacon made for an excellent side dish. Overall we thought the service was a little slow and somewhat detached. We will go back and try something else on the menu.

12/31/08 FJ: My wife and I just had our first and last meal at the Cascade Grill. We walked in just behind a couple at 7:50 pm and saw three other couples already waiting. When we placed our name on the list we were told it was about a 15 minute wait. So we took a seat at one of the four small wooden benches. At 8:00 pm five people walked in and told the hostess they were late for their 7:30 reservation. Five minutes later they were seated. For most of the next fifteen minutes my wife and I were treated to the non-work related musings of the three young ladies at the hostess station. Also, during that time I did ask for a menu so my wife and I could speed things along when it came time to order. After a 30 minute wait we were finally seated. From where I was seated I could see the group of five that was seated 20 minutes before us. They were having a nice conversation over an empty table. I watched them until our waitress introduced herself ten minutes after we were seated. The group of five was just then getting their drinks. Since we had already decided what we were going to order I let my wife go first. She ordered the Petite Sirloin with a baked potato and salad with ranch dressing. Then I had to remind the waitress to ask how the steak was to be cooked, medium well. I, also, ordered the Petite Sirloin, medium, mashed potatoes and salad with blue cheese dressing. Drinks for both of us were also ordered, diet soda for me and coffee for my wife. Five minutes later our drinks showed up. During the next ten minutes we had a chance to finish our drinks and watch other customers, who were also receiving the less than inspiring service we were getting. This was about the time when our salads arrived. Once the waiter was out of ear shot my wife leans over to me reminding me how she had forgotten to order her dressing on the side. That is when I noticed both our salads swimming in dressing. It was also the time my wife pointed out to me that the clear glass plates, the salads were served on, were covered in finger prints and what I hoped were just water spots. The bright side was we had our salads, while the group of five was still waiting on theirs. Halfway through our salads we noticed that we had not gotten any bread. A couple of minutes later I caught the attention of our waitress and asked if the bread came with the main course or was it supposed to come with the salad. She took that moment to let us know the bread would be coming as soon as it was finished baking. I do have to say; when the bread did get to us it was great, warm and tasty. A time check shows it had been 30 minutes waiting on our meal and 30 minutes waiting to be seated. Then, it arrived, our main course. The first thing we do is cut the steaks to see if it is cooked to order. Wow, no surprise, both were well done. Since it had been just over an hour since we walked in, we decided not to send the steaks back for ones actually cooked to order. About four bites into my steak it was getting miserable. So I flipped over my cut to get a better look. Two thirds of it was burnt charcoal black. It was so burned I could not even stick my fork into it. That is when I gave up. Five minutes later when the waitress stopped by she asked how everything was. I showed her the steak and told her I could not eat it. I think I shocked her when I said "the cook should have never let this steak get out of the kitchen". So to make amends she offered me a free desert, I declined. As we left I looked over to see the group of five had only finished half of their meal. I can only recommend the Cascade Grill if you are just out for a nice warm herb bread and some green beans with bacon.

12/29/08 PN: I had dinner at the new Cascade Grill in Albany - Everything was really good from the salad and bread to dessert. My sirloin steak was perfectly cooked, and its flavor was great. My friend had the Cascade chicken and she really liked it as well. W[e] would highly recommend Cascade Grill.

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