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9/29/10 LS: I eat at their Corvallis location regularly for lunch and used to eat at the Albany one as well and they have always been delicious and fairly priced. I think they deserve an A!

8/22/08 MM: We love their burrito's. I have noticed they put a larger hold on your card then the bill but waiting a few days has always made it go to the correct amount. The burritos are large and filling and their salsas are delicious!

3/1/07: Taqueria Alonzo is in downtown Albany, Oregon. We loved the food, which is fair-priced Tex/Mex style, and the service would be perfect except for one BIG flaw: If you pay with a debit or credit card, it appears they are tacking on a little extra to the tip line or the total line. Their credit card machine is one that prints TWO copies (not carbon copies), where you fill out one for them, then you have to refill out another for your own records. We started noticing when we'd go to balance our checkbooks that the amount we paid for them was a few bucks higher. At first we thought, our bad, we must have tipped more than we remembered. Then we started paying attention to it and found that it was $3 bucks here, $5 bucks there...no matter how blatantly clear we were in writing out the numbers on the ticket. I talked to the manager who pretended not to understand me, but then he offered to refund my money. I tried explaining that this was a matter of ETHICS, not a few dollars; I do not take kindly to this. He was blas?? about the whole thing. We tried not eating there for a few months, then going back and only using cash. Then I decided to give them another chance. Guess what? Same thing happened. It looked like my total line had been doctored to give somebody there a little extra. It looks like they do it by either punching in the upped numbers into the computer or by changing a 2 into a 3, etc. (reminds me of what some kids with bad grades used to try doing to report cards). What's really insulting to me is that I used to waitress and I believe in always tipping well. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me... We've stopped eating there altogether.

6/21/07: I have loved Taqueria Alonzo for years. The food is amazing and wonderful...very authentic, real Mexican food, not greasy stuff like most Mexican Restaurants. I have always had good service. Highly recommended. It will become a favorite of yours if you go. The salsa is freshly made, chunky, not liquidy mix, and is amazing. Check it out!

9/16/07 LM: Decent burritos and chips, I would recommend, good prices. I have had the issue the previous poster mentions with regards to credit card usage but it seems to relate more to their machine putting a 'hold' on more money than the bill is for tips. Each time I have waited a few more days before saying anything then it shows up properly on my bank account. Keep in mind the first number could be an authorization. [Ed note: this was not the case in the above incident, TA did charge them more than they signed for.]

I've only eaten there once but the taco's al pastor were the best I've ever had. Mostly meat, and lots of it. 2 tacos with chips and salsa were $4.40, and I was really full. The chips were deep fried tortillas and were good. They had 3 salsas and I tried 2 of them. They were just ok.

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