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Ideas for New Restaurants in Albany, Oregon

We need more options in between pub food, and high class $20 a plate dining. Well, heck, we could use a couple more $20-a-plate places as well. We love the expensive place we have now, but more choices are always good. I guess the above-pub-food dining would be called upscale family dining. Albany has too many "pub food" options. I am surprised they can all stay in business. So, here are our suggestions:

  • Higher class steak and seafood joint.
  • Higher Class Italian (Like the old Capriccio)
  • German (Like Rhinelander in Portland, perhaps? Heck, I'd even settle for a Gustav's class of place)
  • Two words: Dim Sum (Like Lum Yuen in Portland (not the Albany one))
  • Good Thai Food

    Email us with your ideas!!

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