Chowgeeks Albany Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the deal with your Chowgeeks site?

    This guide is a review of locally-owned restaurants in Albany, Oregon (and nearby locations). In this guide, the average price, food quality, and customer experience is noted. Establishments with wireless Internet access, live music, or other unique features will have an appropriate notation. If a restaurant has a web site that we know of , a link will be provided. Chain and/or franchise restaurants are NOT covered here. There are many other places where you can get information about their food and services. We give preference to establishments that DO NOT have TVs. We hate TVs. The rating system is just like in school: A through F, with minuses and pluses. Please, if you have a review you would like to submit or add to, please send an email to: We ask that each person that submits a negative review also submit a postive review for a restaurant that they like. That keeps the site balanced! Anonymous reviews are not accepted. Your verifiable real name must be included with your review, although your name will be kept private. All telephone numbers are in area code 541, unless noted. All Editor comments are in bold If you are interested in advertising on or sponsoring this site, please email us. Becoming a advertiser or sponsor of this site will not have any effect on reviews; reviews are impartial, and all reviews that follow the above guidelines will be posted. Sponsoring restaurants are indicated by a box and additional links to coupons, etc.

  • Where can I send a review?

    Send an email to: We ask that each person that submits a negative review also submit a postive review for a restaurant that they like. That keeps the site balanced! Or, you can submit a review via our web form.

  • How do I advertise on your site, or become a sponsor?

    Send us an email, and let's talk. We don't accept advertising from restaurants that we review.

  • How come you don't have menus and/or pictures for all restaurants?

    Because we don't have them! We encourge you, the user, to send us pictures or scans of any menus and pictures that we don't have. Send them to the email address above.

  • I don't agree with your review!

    If you are a customer, send us a review that *you* think is correct. As long as you provide a verifiable name, and you are not an owner, relative, friend, employee, etc. of the restaurant, we'll post your review!

    If you an owner of a restaurant, send us a *nice* email explaning your position. We very much encourage owner/operator participation. We'll post your responses on the site, if you desire.

    Please don't send us threatening emails. We will either turn them over to the proper authorities (and press charges, if needed), or delete them. You will not get a response to these types of emails. So, relax, we're reasonable people!

  • Why don't you like TVs?

    Well, I'd like to say that televisions are the downfall of our society. But, there is a use for them, I'm sure. I don't want to be forced to watch one when I pay for food. TVs are distracting, and generally offensive. So, keep them in your living room, and out of a restaurant. Sure, I can understand a TV or two in a bar, but that's it. Here is a great site for more no-TV resources: .

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