Quick Guide to Restaurant Etiquette

Take your damn cell phone OUTSIDE!!!

1. If you have noisy, screaming, and/or loud kids/babies/infants, leave them at home. No exceptions. Everyone will be glad that you got a babysitter. Polite, quiet, and well behaved children are enjoyed by everyone.

2. Leave your cell phone at home. If you must have the darn thing, put it on vibrate AND LEAVE THE RESTAURANT IF YOU MUST TAKE A CALL. Cell phones are the scourge of society. Pull your head out, and use common sense and courtesy when using the phone.

3. If service was reasonable, tipping 15 percent is the bottom end. Go up from there. If you have a discount coupon, or gift certificate, tip on what the original price of the meal was going to be, before discounts.

4. Keep your converstation to a reasonable level. Be respectful of your fellow diners.

5. Miss. (or rather Mr.) Manners says to please keep your mouth closed while chewing. This means don't talk with your mouth full. If you want to talk with your mouth full, go hang out at a dairy with all the cows at feeding time. Thank you.

6. Be nice to your server, they are people too. Keep in mind that servers don't have control over the kitchen. Tip the server on the server's service. Don't blame the server for slow cooks, or bad food. On the other hand, it's very effective to politely tell your server about bad food, and suggestions for service.

7. If you make a reservation, and can't make it, PLEASE CALL THE RESTAURANT. No excuses (unless you drop dead). If a restaurant is sold out, and you cancel, they lose the income on your table. Don't be a jerk, and make a call, preferably more than an hour before your reservation. It's even more important to cancel reservations for special events. Don't get yourself on a restaurant's black list!

8. Again, if you have problems with the service/food/etc. please tell the server/manager/owner before you leave. They have a better chance to make it right at that time. Even though we love to receive reviews from customers, please tell the establishment FIRST! We cherish our few locally owned restaurants, so join us in helping them out.

8. Common sense (or, as it seems these days, UNcommon sense) goes a long way. Use it.

9. And, above all, have a good attitude, and a great time...good food, too.

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