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4/1/2010 SA: I love your blog! I check it every time we're thinking of eating out -- keep up the great work! My e-mail is regarding the Woodsman in Philomath. We had read many positive reviews regarding the Woodsman since we had moved to Philomath, but had never mustered up the courage to pull into that muddy gravel parking lot next to the dingy building with the neon signs. So, when some family was in town, we decided to jump in. We went on a Sunday night, four adults, one toddler, and one infant. The inside decor was rustic Philomath, a little bit outdated, but nothing too disturbing. We were pleased to find lots of coloring books and crayons to keep out toddler occupied as we perused the LARGE menu. All of us ordered an entree and we split a couple of appetizers. The appetizers came out quickly and were very well received. The star of the show, however, was the entrees. Huge portions of flavorful Thai cuisine that none of us could finish because we were so full. My wife was in heaven (she's a Thai food lover) and everyone else was very satisfied as well. We will plan on returning here as often as we can. We highly recommend the Woodsman! Don't let the outside appearance fool you!

2/1/2010 HJ: The way the economy has impacted these folks was very noticeable on the Friday evening in January when we went. Once the food finally arrived, it was incredible and delicious!! However, they are so sorely understaffed due to layoffs that we were ignored from the minute we arrived. After around eight minutes had passed with us sitting at an empty table, we had to ask for the server to give us the menus he had bussed off of a nearby table. Five minutes or more later we were finally served water, and ordered. The food as I said was scrumptious and the portions generous! But never once did our server ever check on us. I flagged him down for straws and he never showed back up with them. I had to ask another server for hot sauces, and found my own straws. I finally realized the problem with the understaffing when I noticed our server pouring drinks at the bar, taking food orders, serving food, cashing out customers, bussing tables, pretty much everything, with only one other server on a SUPER busy Friday night. I asked the other server for to-go boxes and went up to the bar myself to ask for my check, which I had to insist he give me before taking someone's food out because by this time we had been there 1 1/2 hours. My answer to this is to go again during a non-busy time, to get the authentic experience everyone else is raving about. The food quality and flavors blew me away. It's just unfortunate they cannot afford to have an extra server during the typically busy times at their establishment. Hopefully that will change as the economy picks up. I did make sure to speak to the other server about my experience before we left so she might share it with the owner, and ended up still tipping our server 15%.

MA: 1/20/10: Rating: C - Woodsman is still a great place for Thai in the Corvallis area, but recently the service has gone downhill. On a recent visit for a party of five, there was only one waitress serving the entire establishment, and it was obvious that she was overworked. Several items on our order were forgotten, requests were sometimes ignored, and there was no attention given to our table. The owner was in the establishment, but did not help much with the deficit. Even worse that than, the owner showed preferential treatment to a nearby table over everyone else in the restaurant. I am not sure if this table was full of relatives or friends, but she had an additional staff member serving them (only), made several visits to their table to talk, and served them dish after dish of food that they could barely eat. If it wasn't for this lack of proper service and obvious preferential treatment, I probably wouldn't have written this review: The food was still excellent, and worth the wait. We are waiting for a few months before returning to the Woodsman to see if their problems continue.

WM 4/1/08: The Woodsman in Philomath Oregon is no longer Benton County's best kept secret - word is getting out. The new owner Nang, (rhymes with "tang") has kept the old American style food such as prime rib, chicken fried steak, baked potatoes etc. The big surprise is it's also the home of the best Thai food this side of Portland! Nang's Thai menu (pages of it) includes Asparagus w/basil (your choice of meat, shrimp or tofu, our fave is beef) is sweet and perfectly balanced you can't go wrong with this choice, Other items include Mango curry (the medium is fairly spicy depending on your taste, so choose accordingly), Crispy Trout with garlic vegetables, and Ginger or Basil Duck. Nang's Pad Thai is different and superior to any other Pad Thai I've eaten. The interior has been recently remodeled with an emphasis on clean and tidy, and still features the old logger memorabilia. There is a moderate, but acceptable wine selection and bar. (Can't remember about the beer.) Children are welcome on the "family side". Prices are reasonable, servings are rather large (we often split an entree) and don't forget to try the Fried bananas with home made coconut ice cream. Bananas are wrapped in squares of dough, fried crispy, served alongside Nang's own coconut ice cream, then drizzled with honey and topped off with crushed peanuts. Feeds 2- 4! Nang often shyly checks in to see how you liked your order - she's a real sweetheart! Go!

KJ 2/7/08: The service was fast and friendly. The food was, well, just ok. We are used to fantastic Thai food (Air Thai and Thai Ginger for example). The Woodsman just isn't at the top. I tried several dishes, and the tastes were muddled, and a bit bland. Sure, we'll go back: somewhat recommended. Reasonably priced.

MS 10/17/07: The Woodsman in Philomath. Their Thai food is fantastic. They have a Thai cook. There is American food too, it's your average bar food but the Thai is the thing. We've had Pad Thai which was excellent and 1 other Thai dish with wide noodles and basil. The Pad was better, but just because the basil was a little too strong and spicy for my tastes. The portions are huge. For $7 or $8 we can get 1 order of the Thai food and the 2 of us can get at least 2, usually 3 meals out of it. They have mixed drinks but don't seem to know a lot about it. The waitress had never heard of Canadian Club. Stick with beer.

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