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5/18/10 AS: My opinion is this is a terrible representation of Indian food and service. Food is largely not cooked properly or doesn't have correct proportion of salt and spices. Bringing this to the attention of the server/cook/manager resulted in rebuffs. This is the type of restaurant that will survive in a place like Corvallis where people are largely clueless about ethnic foods and will happily lap up any quality of food, †ifserved in an appropriate setting.

04/09 RR: a new [Ed: new-ish] Indian restaurant has opened in corvallis, on 9th, south of circle. it is called Nirvana, and the food is delicious. the place is not so atmospheric, but it is clean(especially the restrooms). the lunchtime buffet is always fresh, not greasy, and very tasty. and the dinners superb. i took a friend to dinner there who has spent much time in India, and she approved! 8/13/08 MS: Eaten here once. Won't be back. The food was bland and oily. I've had great Indian food in Singapore and London. I^Òve had good Indian food in Portland. This isn't even close. Why can you not get good Indian food in Corvallis? Not Suggested.

HJ 7/24/08: I've eaten the lunch buffet three times now at Nirvana, the new Indian Restaurant in Corvallis next-door to Bi-mart at 1945 NW 9th St, Corvallis, 738-0487. This is the spot previously occupied by Cha-Da Thai restaurant. Nirvana is GREAT! The food is really yummy, the people are nice, the atmosphere is clean and bright and cheerful, and it's always packed when I have gone. They need to start giving people napkins at the tables and not expect them to be picked up in the buffet line, but everything else about the place is great. I found the food to be just as good as Evergreen Indian Cuisine in downtown Corvallis, who set the standard pretty high. Nirvana has all the standard Indian fare-- tandoori chicken, vegetables pakora, creamy spinach with cheese chunks, salad, the yummy mint and plum and creamy cucumber sauces, and much more, plus they have a yummy bread pudding dessert too, so be sure to try that when you go.

WH 7/12/08: We enjoyed the buffet lunch yesterday (Sunday July 20, 2008) at the new Indian restaurant Nirvana on 9th Street near Circle Blvd.. We were more than happy with the food, the service and the appearance of the restaurant. In fact, we can hardly wait to go back, as a note at the bottom of the menu board states "Buffet menu changes every day." The dining room was clean and airy, with pink tablecloths and a pitcher of ice water and water goblets on the table. The waiter was very pleasant and welcoming. The lunch buffet is served seven days a week from 11 to 3. We were early and got a window table. We wasted no time in visiting the buffet. The selection is not as extensive as the large buffet served at the Evergreen Restaurant downtown, but all the food looked really good. We sampled everything, including the three delicious sauces and the dessert offerings. We loved everything. I have never been to India but the food tasted very authentic to me. It was spicy, but not too much so. Perfect! I closed my eyes and imagined I was in India. Everything was well prepared and delicious. Now, the next day, I can't stop thinking about the place. Prices for lunch and dinner are very reasonable. Highly recommended.

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