New Morning Bakery Corvallis User Reviews

11/6/09 WA: I will never forget, nor will I forgive, the horrible treatment I have received at this highly priced but mediocre cafe. As a senior in high school we ordered a few hundred dollars worth of punch and food for our prom. In the middle of my prom dinner at Big River, I was interrupted by a rude phone call from one of the staff members who insisted I go down to the Alumni center to sign off for the punch. They were three hours early in dropping it off. I had to leave my dinner before I was able to eat, and when I got there the two staff were sitting there with annoyed looks on their faces. I signed the papers and they left, but not before complaining about how they had to wait 30 minutes for me to get there. I had to wait another 2 hours alone, eating my now cold dinner until I could reunite with my friends. During the dance, one of the volunteers ran up to me saying she couldn't find any of the punch. We looked everywhere, but were not able to find it. We had to hand out tap water instead. The next morning I got a phone call from the Alumni center saying there were several buckets of punch in the fridge-- the very fridge I specifically told New Morning Bakery we were not allowed to use. We were charged extra for using the fridges and for leaving items there overnight. I called New Morning Bakery, and they insisted I pick the buckets up and bring them back to their cafe. Being naive and young, I agreed and lugged several very heavy buckets into my car and drove them back to the cafe. Upon arriving I had no help in unloading them. I was then ushered in by the owner (Anne) to have a discussion. She brought out one of the staff members who then proceeded to get in an argument with me (in front of the owner) claiming that I was "lying" an d that not only did they have to wait for me to sign off the punch, but I never told them not to put the punch in the fridge. I, as the customer, tried to defen d myself but was promptly shut down by the owner as both the owner and staff member proceeded to tell me I was wrong. The next year, I was told that when our school tried to order from them again they refused because they had "problems" with us last year. The owner is not only ageist, but she is rude and irresponsible. Although I was a teen, I was still a customer. They obviously underestimated me because since t hen I have told everyone I know to never go to their restaurant- and have dissua ded many of my friends and family to never eat there again. Oh- and their food is not even worth the trip downtown. They use too much oil in their lunch dishes, and it is extremely overpriced. The pastries are pretty good- but you can get better ones at La Patisserie. The owners head is obviously bigger than her talent.

3/14/09 JA: I am appalled at the reviews written for New Morning Bakery. I am from the South and I believe that New Morning Bakery is an excellent example of casual Northwest cuisine. Everything there is well-made and uniquely tasty. Their soups are the best, and their clam chowder is the best I've ever had. I rank them highly because their breads and desserts are also the most delicious I've had. If you're unsure, try their wonderful kalamata olive bread or their peanut butter pie. I assure you--you will fall in love! As for the long lines, that's what happens when you're one of the greatest lunch spots in Corvallis!

2/8/09 KJ: Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign??? I don't feel comfortable here at all. The signs are oppressive. The only reason I ever go is because my Mom has Alzheimer's disease and she can point at the food that strikes her fancy rather than having to remember what it is called. Having said that, if the signs (and the attitude they convey) don't disturb your digestion, the pastries are quite good with one exception: their pie crusts are too greasy, as if they added a bunch of extra fat to overcome bad technique. Of course, some people may like a crust like that. click here to return to main review page

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