Harrison Street Grill Reviews

12/30/08 BC: All I can say is that I cannot believe this place is still open. My mom taught me if you can't say something nice, do not say anything at all so detect silence here.

12/13/08 WD: A group of us (about 10 people) went to Harrison Street Bar and Grill for a social dinner. Luckily, there were people to talk to as it took my mind off of how long it took to get our food. We were waited on fairly quickly after arriving and ordered. That was, however, the last of any quickness during our stay. It took quite a while (at least 45 minutes) for the first meal to be served and it took another 30 minutes before the last meal was served (which, by the way, was chicken strips - why so long for chicken strips?) The food overall was below average, although my chicken was average tasting. Some of the fries were inedible and some of the plates were cold, as if they came out of the refrigerator before putting hot food on them. The beer was good though (the only reason I would return is for a beer). The atmosphere is definitely on a downward trend (I have visited this establishment off and on over the years - ever since it was Tarasco's Mexican restaurant - and it just keeps getting worse). Overall rating: Not Recommended.

9/4/08 HD: They have a new owner, and it has gone further downhill. A couple of weeks ago I went to lunch with a couple of people; two of us ordered chicken Caesar salad. We waited for about 15 minutes and the waiter came back to ask what kind of dressing we wanted with those Caesar salads....HUH? How about Caesar dressing? 10 minutes later we were still waiting, no sign of the waiter, nobody else in the restaurant, so we got up and left. Not sure if they ever brought out those salads or not.

8/13/08 MS: I ate here once for lunch. As the owner is Asian I decided to go with one of the curries. I got the chicken in yellow curry. Not good, though edible. Very bland (despite being billed as spicy). The decor looks like it trending to being a college hangout for the greek/party crowd. If you are looking for pub food or a curry you can do better in Corvallis. Not Suggested.

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