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3/8/10 NP: After many attempts, many trials, many restaurants, many meals that didn't digest well, I decided to try Fireworks. It's difficult to find a place to eat out at when you are allergic to a variety of the processed products that so many restaurant's use. I'm able to eat at Fireworks without fear. Not having fear about tonight's meal delivering pain tomorrow, free's a person to really enjoy dining out. I tried them out for a while before I was willing to shell out for a special, reservations only valentine's dinner. After the brief trial period I was more than happy that I'd found a restaurant that I would be comfortable taking my lady to. I made reservations to be seated at the Prixe Fixe Spanish Valentine's dinner with my lady friend. From the moment that we walked in to the moment that we walked out we were treated like old friends, and that our being there was anticipated, as if we were returning from a long time away. We had the Chef's Wine pairing to go along. That was something I'd had elsewhere, but never with the panache that the staff at Fireworks delivered. The flavors, aromas, and textures, that came together in front of me were a distinct pleasure to experience. I highly recommend Fireworks to anyone who likes to have 5 star culinary experiences that don't break the wallet. The food there is certainly on par, if not surpassing in many cases, with the finer restaurants in the major cities I've traveled to.

3/4/10 NA: Amazing events and great food! While slow sometimes during busy days, it is worth the wait. The sculpted earthen walls and gentle lighting create an amazing warmth in the atmosphere as scents of the wood fired oven permeate the back porch's indoor/outdoor landscape. Monday's gentle to raucous sounds of the open mic hit me like chancing upon a friendly campfire with several groups of close friends cheering each other on. This is a truly friendly and delicious restaurant and awesome venue for small local and regional acts. Come to think of it, they even booked a klezmer band from amsterdam that rocked the house during one of their street parties.

12/23/09 BJ: My wife and I went to Fireworks for our anniversary in August and were very disappointed with the experience. I should have known it would be bad when they were sold out of ribs at 6 pm on a Friday night, not to mention the overgrown garden between the parking area and the restaurant, where we tripped over plants that were in the sidewalk. It was all downhill from there. The service as extremly slow and we don't drink so spent way too much time waiting for something to happen. Eventually salad and bread arrived that was of average quality entees were served about 2 1/2 hours into the meal and mine was not even edible. I had a tamale of some sort that was so undercooked that it was like eating corn masa out of a bowl. We were on the verge of leaving several times when they would suck us back by bringing the bread or the salad and finally the entrees. We were there a total of 3 hours and couldn't wait to get out. On the plus side the music was very nice and not too loud as another reviewer mentioned. In response to the owners response to another review I guess I would place blame squarely on the management/owner for our experience. The waitress wasn't exceptional and seemed embarassed but really she can't do much about the food preparation or condition. The place was not even crowded so that is not an excuse. In summary- unkept garden presents tripping hazards, slow service, bad food, sold out early in the night Probably never had any ribs in stock), expensive and I think they saw we weren't happy but made no attempt at amends After leaving and heading downtown to find a dessert (we weren't about to stick around for another couple hours to try theirs) I bumped into a colleage whose response was "I'm sorry" when she heard we had just come from Fireworks, and we had not even let on about bad experience. I give Fireworks an F- and will never go back.

5/11/09 PS: I first reviewed this restaurant last year. Since that time, I have probably eaten there 3-4 times when visiting my daughter at OSU. It was one of my favorite places in Corvallis. My daughter is no longer at OSU and my wife and I are no longer interested in this place after our experience today. We were traveling through town and drove specifically to this place for lunch. It was mother's day and they were serving brunch and were busy. They got a break for the first error but then it when downhill fast. First we were seated, then we ordered, then we were asked to move to a smaller table. The menu was presented in 3 courses with a choice of entree. The following happened within the hour or so we were there 1) We had to ask, twice for coffee. 2) The complimentary champagne was served in a broken glass. 3) We had to ask twice for our bread course 4) We had to ask twice for our fruit course. 5) My wife's entree was not just cool but fridge cold. 6) My entree was presented as a crab cake platter. My single crab cake was the size of a silver dollar. 7) We asked for the check and the owner no less forgot to bring it. For what we had, even if it were presented well and on time, was not worth the price. I paid 26 bucks for one crab cake, some salad, a cold cinnamon roll, glass of champagne, and fruit. I have no clue how a restaurant can go from being so good to so bad, particularly in service issues. When you are busy, just remember to visit each table, check in and fix things immediately. Don't waste time prepping new glasses or cleaning up the server station. Not going back.

Here is a response from the owner of Fireworks to the above review: I have contacted this customer and sought to remedy his unhappy experience, offering him our sincere apology and explained that we were very understaffed on Mother's Day - experiencing the highest sales volume we have had in our entire 7 years, despite having cut staffing back to survive the recession. Since receiving his review, I have given the customer a full refund to his credit card, and expected a conversation in response but as of yet have not heard from him. It is unfortunate that we are not able to respond directly to our occasional unhappy customers, and if this gentleman had mentioned his displeasure at the time we certainly would have comp'ed the ticket immediately. It is also important to note that one customer's bad experience is not indicative of the whole: many customers on Sunday told us they loved their meal and are looking forward to their next visit.

1/21/09 BR: I also really wanted to like this place, but the two times we've been there we left underwhelmed (and lighter in the wallet). My biggest gripe is that the pizza came out undercooked both times I ordered it, which is pretty inexcusable when you have a wood-fired oven. They did re-make them and they came out better, but not with a thin crust rendered bubbly by the high heat. Too many toppings caused it to be a bit greasy and underdone. *sigh* Suggested, if you have quite a bit of spare cash.

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