Evergreen Indian Restaurant Corvallis User Reviews

And: One of two Indian restaurants in Corvallis. I love good Indian food. I dislike mediocre Indian food. I don't eat there. Needless to say, if you are more forgiving than I you might like it. Suggested. Rating: B.

7/9/08 TB: I just found your web site the other day and I was amazed at how frequently your reviews mirrored my own impressions . I must disagree with your review of Evergreen Indian Restaurant . I find their food is exceptional both in flavor and value . The Tikka Masala is great. We usually order the Tandori mixed grill thali dinner . It feeds my wife and I with plenty left over . Their sauces are superb . I'm not a fan of Buffet so I haven't tried theirs . A gentleman who I believe is one of the owners was helpful in helping us choose various meals .

And: The Chicken Koorma was very tasty because of the light and not too spicy curry. We also enjoyed the presentation of the Chicken Tikkikabob. The Mango Lassi was SO delicious. We all had it and it was sweet and refreshing. If you don't like spice, be sure to order the Masala Dosa, which is delicious but not too spicy. Highly Recommended

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