Cirellos Pizza Corvallis User Reviews

3/10/09 SL: We had a pizza taste test one evening with friends. We ordered three pizzas with the same toppings, one from each of the following restaurants: Cirello's, Woodstock's, and American Dream. Everyone agreed that Cirello's was the best. It scored high on: crust - crispy yet chewy (and I don't normally like crust); sauce - flavorful; and toppings - they don't skimp. It has something special. Overall we think it's the best pizza in town.

3/8/08 BC: Cirello's makes a great pizza! I get the Mr C where you can pick your own 5 ingredients so my fave is pesto sauce with artichoke hearts, feta, olives and sundried tomatoes. I like Curello's even better than American Dream but that may be because I do the campus Dream at lunch a but when the slices are not so fresh.

And: I absolutely agree on Cirello's, an easily overlooked storefront at 9th and Circle. My wife and I usually order the Pizano. If you had told me before that a broccoli, feta, garlic, and black pepper would become one of my favorite pies, I'd have called you nuts, but so it is. Cirello's makes what I classify as a thick and sloppy pizza. Not a deep-dish, but a relatively thick hand-tossed crust. Still crispy on the outside, though. Plenty of sauce and cheese. You'll need extra napkins. Highly recommended.

And: I've eaten most of the pizza types here as I used to work there. Good pizza if you eat in. Crust gets very soggy for the takeaway. Suggested.

And: Recommended: love their 'RJC' with extra garlic.

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