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5/23/10 DM: Will never eat at the Broken Yolk again. Got there they were only half full of people, but it still took forever to seat us. Our server was obviously under the influence of something. Got our first cup of coffee after ordering, had to get up from my seat to seek out another cup. Decided to use the restroom while I was up which smelled of urine so bad I almost turned around. Got in the bathroom and the toilet was disgusting. Got back to my seat and told the family about the restroom, and said i hope its not a reflection on the kitchen. After what seemed forever our food finally arrived. While the two breakfast burrito orders were piping hot, the two other orders (pancakes and eggs) were stone cold. complained, and was offered to stick the plates in the microwave. No thanks. Was told that they are not allowed to comp bad food,and we would have to email the owner. Did so and have heard nothing back at all. On top of this the server gave me my plate of food with his dirty thumbnailed thumb in my gravy, plate had a black spec of dirt on the side of it. while we enjoyed the view of the cobwebs on the metal wheel above our table in the corner. The eggs in the burrito were also overcooked. NEVER AGAIN Chef Ramsey could not help this place!!!

11/1/09 DJ: Not long after The Broken Yolk opened, I went with a friend for brunch. The wait ress was competent but far from friendly, the hash browns that came with my eggs were still almost frozen in the middle (from a package, of course), the coffee was bearable, and my friend's meal was barely edible, he said. Mediocre at best, we both decided. I decided today to give the restaurant a second chance and went for lunch. I opened the front door and there was about a dozen people crammed inside the door, all waiting for seating. The "greeter" (I use the term loosely) stood with her arms crossed to the left of the door, leaning on a table, facing away from the entrance, and so what I saw when I walked in was her back. I waited a few minutes and she was paying ZERO attention to anyone entering the restaurant; no greeting, no letting people know how long the wait was....nothing. Finally I asked "Is there a list to sign up for seating?!" and she glanced haughtily over one shoulder and said "Ya" and gestured to a sheet of paper on the table with names scribble d on it. She still didn't make any effort to make eye contact. She gave the impression she'd rather be at home watching telly. I said "How long is the wait, please?" and once again without turning to look at me she grumbled "twenty-five min utes" and went back to chewing her gum. I looked out into the restaurant and I can't say that it looked like anyone was having much fun or enjoying their meals, so I decided not to suffer the wait (and the "greeter's" attitude) and went to Evergreen across the street, where the staff was happy and enthusiastic, and the food was exceptional. I won't bother with a third attempt at The Broken Yolk: something's broken alright. :-(

10/28/09 BJ: To add to your commentary on Broken Yolk, they do have excellent breakfasts, and the time to go actually seems to be the lunch hours if you want excellent service. Given my penchant for wanting eggs at all hours of the day, this place is awesome for having excellent platters for lunch!

6/29/09 LM: Broken Yoke: C Service can be poor especially if you are there with a child. You would think a place with a kid play area and that offers crayons would be more kid friendly --but it simply isn't the case. The one thing going for them is they offer a changing station in their bathroom. However when you walk in with a party containing more than one child they act as though you have offended them greatly, make you get your own highchairs, and are clueless as to what to do with your strollers. Lately they have even gone so far as to place on ones table (one with a child) a list basically informing you of how your child should behave in their establishment. I should then offer them with a list of how a restaurant should behave: Yes, you should refill my water and coffee within the half hour, yes you should take my order within 15 minutes of me being seated... A little on the pricey side, but you often get a large plate. However for nearly $10 a plate I would hope to have the option of at least upgrading (even for a price) to real maple syrup. They do not do their eggs properly. Under-medium eggs are drastically undercooked even when sent back (everytime). They will not do egg-whites only even when offered to pay extra (even Shari's will do this!). I have noticed their wonderful strawberry jam now has the taste of freezer burn. To top it off, their home fries are NOT home fries at all but simply square cut (I suspect frozen) french fries. I must say that home fries certainly should be made of real, fresh sauteed potatoes often sauteed with onions and even peppers and mushrooms. To call their potatos home fries is offensive! Also I was surprised to learn that their beans have meat in them, and they do not offer a vegetarian alternative for a dish that otherwise would be vegetarian. I am surprised that, though they serve a lunch menu such as sandwiches during the week, they do not offer it on the weekends. I understand Sundays may be a limited menu but I have never heard of such a thing for Saturdays. What is going for them is that they serve breakfast all day long through lunch. They have a good variety of breakfast foods. Their 3rd St. scramble is quite tasty, and they will substitute meat with an English Muffin or fruit. The strawberry lemonade, though spendy, is very tasty (only wish there were refills). And they have a play area for children.

4/30/09 HD: I went to the Broken Yolk today for lunch; ordered Eggs Benny. You would think that a place that specializes in breakfast would have a clue how to poach an egg......but mine were HARD cooked, and pretty much inedible. I could have bounced it on the floor. I mentioned it to the waitress; she wanted to know if she could take my plate back and `have the cook try again'. Since I was on a limited lunch break and with two other people, I told her that I don't have time......when we got the bill, I was charged full price. I certainly didn't expect them to comp my bill, but a reduction on the price would have been appropriate, in my opinion. Lesson learned.....the other stuff looked good, but if I go back there, I definitely won't be ordering Eggs Benny again. I have to agree with the other reviews about the Eggs forest ham was nothing special; I prefer Canadian bacon, and the muffins should be toasted first.

8/13/08 MS: I went here with family for breakfast. It may be a while before I go back. Had the Eggs Benedict. Mostly inoffensive, though the sauce was a little funky. The ham was just run of the mill black forest. All in all an unmemorable dish that I won^Òt try again. The homefries were bad. They reminded me more of tater tots the way they had been fried (that said, my 4 year old loved ^Ñem). The only way I^Òd go here again is with family from out of town and my choices are here or one of the chains. Not Suggested.

7/8/08 BC: I agree that they are improving although the service there is always a bit "odd". One time they could not make change for a $50 bill! We've never experienced having to wait for a table and we have only gone on the weekend. We like the decor and the food is good and they try to use local organic ingredients when possible. We've only been there for breakfast and our one complaint is that they do not have real maple syrup for pancakes. We'd be willing to pay extra for a real syrup option. The potato scramble dishes are good and they give you a lot of food. I'd recommend this as a decent spot for breakfast downtown

4/1/08 WM: Broken Yolk did not have it together when they first opened. They received lots of (deserved) bad reviews and they have responded. I've been back recently and BY and Sam's are my two faves for breakfast in Corvallis. Broken Yolk definitely has the larger menu and is a little more accommodating, service has improved dramatically and wait time has decreased. Give them another chance, it's worth the trip. click here to return to main review page

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