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9/16/09 LP: I took the visiting relatives one night to Terzo and another to Aqua for dinner. Both were outstanding, but I wanted to comment specifically for Aqua. My mother has a lot of food intolerances, including lactose. Most of the (amazing) sauces at Aqua are cream based. She asked the waiter if she could have the seafood pasta dish with the incredible marinara sauce that she had a couple of evenings earlier at Terzo. Off ran the waiter, who bounded back 2 minutes later with an 'absolutely, we can do that'. When the dish came, it was incredible. Just the right amount of sauce. Mom claimed it should be added to the menu at Aqua with the marinara sauce option, it was that tasty. Everyone else had a nice variety from the menu and was very impressed, the 'firecracker aioli' sauce I think I could eat a vat of and be happy. Service was spot-on throughout the dinner. Rate this dinner an 'A'.

6/29/09 LM: I'm form Hawaii so love the idea of having a quality Hawaiian-style seafood place around. I love the fishtanks, as does my daughter; howeve, though families with children seem drawn to the place (there are always at least 3 families with young children each time I've dined there --4 times) there is still only one highchair. This means my daughter is going to want to squirm out of my arms and run around the restaurant which I doubt all the other patrons who pay $25 or more a plate want so to avoid this in the future I highly recommend that Aqua's invest in a few more highchairs. And though the plates are pricey, the decor and wait staff are not upscale and so it is a sort of casually elegant place that does not seem to be the sort of place that children are necessarily shunned (at least in the early dining hours of say around 5 or 6pm) and so I would suspect that there would be more highchairs available. Also, though the staff is very friendly, they seem to be pretty novice and casual and know very little of wine (I understand, likely these are just young college students). I felt like I was back in Hawaii, on the Northshore or some beach town at THE fancy restaurant being waited by a bunch of surf betties, in that sense Aqua's is a true taste of the islands. However, for the price of a plate I would expect fare superior service and sophistication. The food could be fabulous. I recall absolutely loving my fish the first day I tried it. I had Halibut Javenese Style and thought the fish was done excellently and the sauce wonderful. Since I have not been as impressed. Though the fish is still fresh and cooked to perfection, the sauces can be overwhelming a bit. I think they may mask the perfection of the fish. Also the bed of fried leeks is far too much, a few leeks sprinkled as an accent would do wonders but the amount of leeks is just overwhelming and I would hope in the future maybe other veggies or such would be offered instead with the leeks as a nice addition. I have also tried the sable fish which was very tasty but it was both cooked in a terriyaki sort of sauce and then swimming in another buttery-miso sauce on top of being a buttery fish to begin with, it was just too much and I think the fish could have stood far better with a bit less (and I am one who usually likes my fish masked in sauce, so it is unusual for me to say this, but I think the sauces took away from the perfection of and the taste of the fish).

6/26/09 SJ: Business dinner with some prospective clients. Service was great. I had the Dynamite Walu, which was excellent. Nice to see some thought put into presentation, too! Prices are not unreasonable and it's a fresh change-up from a lot of the other dining options in town. Recommended = A.

3/7/09 RK: My wife and I arrived 5 minutes early for a 7PM Saturday night reservation. The restaurant was full and lively. We we seated immediately. Service was prompt, professional, and friendly. We ordered bar drinks, which arrived quickly. The drinks were strong but well made and in good portions. We ordered seafood pasta and crab cakes. Dinner was served within 20 minutes. The presentation was exquisite with all the entrees we saw. The food was hot, fresh, unique, and delicious. We wanted to pace ourselves for a night on the town but the food was so good we practically licked the plates clean! The atmosphere was an eclectic aqua theme that was not as upscale as the food. I would recommend an upgrade (although formal does not really go with Hawaiian seafood). We rate Aqua 'Highly Recommended' for their excellent food, presentation, and service.

8/10/08 WS: [We] had the best food and service. We showed up to Aqua without a reservation and they made room for use even though they were rather busy. We had wine while we waited for our table to be ready. Once we got the menu we were happy to try the Scallops in Truffle Oil (So good) and the Fried Shrimp with Banana and Mango Salsa. My husband had a seafood pasta and loved it. I had the butternut squash and was amazed by it. I loved the way the capers were broiled with the pine nuts because they countered the sweetness of the squash. Will go back again and again.

6/26/08 PT: Highly recommended! We had the pleasure of dinning at Aqua tonight with our children. This was a pleasant surprise. My boys loved the fish tanks and the coloring pages and crayons kept them busy. However, there was still an intimate atmosphere for my husband and my self to enjoy. The food was amazing. I enjoy cooking, therefore, we are very reluctant to eat out because no other restaurants meets our standards. Aqua has change that. "Melt in your mouth" food is the best way to describe it. A surprise in every bite. Thank you Aqua for the spice you add to Corvallis! Every one must try this delight!

5/15/08 FR: Fancy Hawaiian food, Yum! The dining room is a bit small and the wine list very limited, but the food is outrageously good. I spent the first 10-15 minutes studying the menu; you know youâ^À^Ùre in heaven when everything on the menu looks good and it takes forever to decide! We had the tuna and the Oregon kobe beef. Who knew a seafood place would have the best steak in town! The beef was perfectly cooked, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery soft, medium rare, slightly crunchy on the outside, oh so good!! The tuna was also spectacular. While I usually donâ^À^Ùt like my fish blackened, it paired nicely with the creamy/buttery burre blanc sauce that accompanied it. Again, Yum! The crab stuffed shrimp appetizer was great too. Hopefully they will expand the wine list. Anyway, we will definitely be going back. Highly Recommended.

5/14/08 KM: Aqua is highly recommended. The food is great and the atmosphere is wonderful. I'm not a seafood person but the seared mahi mahi is outstanding. It, literally, melted in my mouth. There is a burst of flavor with each bite. The butternut ravioli appetizers are so good they should be dessert. Even the butter for the bread basket has a taste good enough to forgo the bread. The chocolate pyramid cake with white ganache filling is outstanding. This is a place to go with friends so you can share plates. The fish tanks and artwork are a wonderful visual and help if you take children. Yes, children are welcome and even get a menu of their own. This is a place Corvallis can, finally, be proud of. I plan to go back until I've tasted everything on the menu.

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