American Dream Corvallis User Reviews

6/29/09 LM: I'm not as impressed with this place as many other people I know. I don't like their crust, it is far too yeasty. Also I don't like uncooked veggies on my pizza, particularly mushrooms. They take slice of cooked pizza dough, throw some sliced veggies ontop, pop it in the oven till the cheese melts and all those veggies are still as raw as a salad.

1/21/09 BR: I've only been to the downtown location, but enjoy it on occasion. I don't care much for their pizza; the crust is too thick and has a slight fermented tang to it (they make it early in the day and it sits at room temp), and reheated slices are never as good as fresh, although some people swear by it. The slice and salad lunch special is a great value, however. The salad greens are nothing special, but they have a great selection of toppings. I'd recommend the salad with black beans and jerk chicken with Italian and a liberal dousing of parmesan and red pepper flakes. A bonus: they have a good draft beer selection and happy hour drink specials. Recommended at lunch. Highly recommended during happy hour ;)

And: Great place for a slice and a salad. Single slices on weekdays around lunch time can be a bit limited in the selection (actually, the selection is wide, but who really wants a broccoli, green olive pizza?) The Crowbar is very good. Recommended (The Crowbar is Highly Recommended).

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